Text in Whatsapp without adding to contacts

Write to WhatsApp Without Save Number – When Do I Need It?

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messengers. It is widely and actively used by users of phones on Android and iOS platforms. And without access to the phone you can write, if you have at hand only a computer with the installed version of WhatsApp for PC. The program interface is intuitive and friendly, to understand it is not difficult for any user.

The usual way to start communicating with a new contact looks like this: you dial a number and save it as a new contact. In the “chats” tab of the open WhatsApp application, press the magnifying glass icon. It is located in the upper right corner. In the search box that appears, type the name of the contact. If this contact is using WhatsApp, his or her name will appear on the phone screen, and you will not have to add anything. You need to touch the name and start the correspondence.

On IOS phones all the same actions are made.

Quite often it is necessary to write in WA without adding to contacts, that is, to send a message to a person whose number is not in the phone book, and there is no desire or need to keep a record of this number. These one-time contacts may belong to the sellers of goods or services on the sites, various consultants and other one-time contacts, which then you delete from the phone dozens, and unnecessary addition just overflows the contact list. The need to write to a person whose number is not saved for some reason in the phone book causes certain difficulties: in Whatsapp such an opportunity is not provided. However, there are solutions to the problem, and there are several.

Now we will examine step by step how to write in Whatsapp to an unknown number, and whether you can send a message in Whatsapp without saving the number in the phone book.

Write a message using a browser

How to write in WA to the unknown number?  In any browser in the address bar you must type wa.me

This is a direct link to the wa site. After following the link you will be offered to install watsap on your computer, or use the web version.

If you decide to install Whatsapp on your computer or laptop, in the next window you will see the choice between Android and iOS.

Choose the desired system and follow the prompts: in the right column of the site page choose your system installed on your computer. It may be Mac or Windows. Download the file and install it.

The online (web) version of Whatsapp does not require installation, but you have to log in to it. To do this on your phone in Whatsapp , you need to enter “Settings” in chat mode, (they are in the menu, which unfolds after pressing the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen), select item 3 “related devices” and scan the code from the computer monitor. After these steps, Whatsapp online is synchronized with your phone.

Text in Whatsapp without adding to contacts

Next, you can write to Whatsapp without adding to contacts easily and simply:

  • From a computer or phone in the address bar, type the address: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone= + and the desired phone number. For example, https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=19031234567.

After that you will be redirected to the page where you will be offered to start a conversation with the owner of this number.

  • In the same way, in the address bar, type wa.me/1 (hereinafter – the phone number) According to the link leads to the Whatsapp site, which offers a new chat with the number entered.

How to write a message in WhatsApp using services.

There are a large number of online services that allow you to send messages without installing third-party programs on your computer. The main ones are:

My service, which is in the header of this page https://whapp.info

Intuitive service – after clicking on the link in the address bar of your browser or on the request in the search engine a page will open with a window in which you have to enter your phone number without “+”, starting with the number 1. Spaces in the number are not printed.

After that, the page goes to the Whatsapp site and offers to start a chat with the contact.


The principle is the same: the page opens with a window for entering the phone number, the number is typed without “+” and spaces, starting with the country code. After that there is an automatic switch to the Whatsapp site which offers to install the program on your computer or use the internet version.

All other services work on an identical principle and lead to the official site.

Usually does not allow the program Whatsapp to send a message to the number not from your contacts, and if you have a regular need to write to people whose contacts do not want to keep in your phone (for example, you often buy something on Craiglists or Jule, and fill the book with numbers, with whom there will be one-time correspondence, there is no desire) then a good solution is to install on your phone special programs.

  • All of them are quite simple, available for download on Google play and do not take up much space in memory.

Click to chat. A simple free application with no ads. It opens quickly, does not require serious phone settings. In the line enter the country code and number of the subscriber, in the window you write the message. Quick and easy.

  1. Direct Message for WhatsApp. All the same: download on Google play, open it. In the top line is written the number of the subscriber, in the bottom – a text message.
    Easy Message. Clone of the first two applications with the only exception: on the page there is a classic dialing keyboard. You can enter a number manually or paste a copied number and press the “start a chat in WhatsApp” button to communicate with a person without putting his number in the phone book and creating an extra contact.
  2. There is an application for iPhones on iOS that allows you to write to WhatsApp without adding the phone to the book:
  3. It’s available in the official App Store. Download the application, download it. Dial a number with a country code, in the Message window write the desired message, the sending is confirmed by the button Done, and send the text by tapping the button Send to (+ phone number).

Why is not sent a message?

Problems with sending messages through websites or installed applications occur in three main cases:

  1. Weak Internet. If the phone has an uncertain network reception because of various interferences, or Wi-Fi connection at the moment of sending has a low speed, the message may not be sent. This is especially true when sending video files, heavy images or voice messages. In this case, an icon in the form of a clock face appears to the left of the message to be sent, signaling that it has not been sent. You can resend or delete the message later.
  2. If a message is sent, but to the left of it there is an icon in the form of a single gray check mark, it means that the message has not reached the addressee. This happens for a variety of reasons – for example, the recipient may not be online. However, if for a long time all messages from you remain undelivered, and you can not see the time of the last visit to Vatsap and can not call him, it is a signal that you have been added to the blacklist. Simply put – blocked. There is no way to know for sure, whatsapp strictly adheres to the terms of user privacy.
  3. Incorrect phone number. An error is often allowed in the country code, and then the messages will not be sent. You need to double-check the number in the phone book and correct it if necessary. Or try to send a message using the Watsap website or servers on the Internet.

Detailed Instructions for Synchronization.

For people who are more sensitive to information in the form of video, we offer the following link. The video shows in detail the process of launching the web version of watsap and the process of synchronization with the phone.

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