How do I contact a Blah Blah Car driver by phone?

Everyone goes out and travels from time to time. In this case, each of us wants to save money, so as not to overpay for certain services. That’s why many people look for trips, hotels, cabs on the Internet. For example, BlaBlaCar has become very popular. Although even there, it is unwise to trust everyone, as scammers are caught everywhere. So how do I contact the driver of Blah Blah Cara to get the information I need?

About Service

To begin with, you should find out what kind of platform it is. So, the service allows without registration, The nerve and hassle of finding companions. And this is very convenient. First, the user saves time. Secondly, he can find a whole company of tourists who are planning a trip in the right direction. Clearly, it’s much more fun to travel abroad in groups than alone.

How do I contact a Blah Blah Car driver by phone?

In addition, the portal allows you to find great deals and save on travel. And car owners also make a decent living. However, it also has one drawback – the site takes a commission on each trip booked. And it is very solid (it is 20% of the cost of the route).

It is clear that the domestic tourist does not want to pay even this interest to the intermediary. And this forces him to seek alternative (often not entirely honest) ways, trying to negotiate directly with the cab driver. But how do you find the driver’s number?

About how to contact the driver

In order to be able to get the data of the cab driver, including his phone number, you need to follow the procedure below. Of course, it is not so complicated, but it should be considered in more detail. So, on the aforementioned website:

  1. Open a personal account (via social networks or email).
  2. Specify the anticipated route.
  3. Mark the exact date of the trip.
  4. We find the most suitable offer.
  5. Specify the required number of seats.
  6. Agree to the rules.
  7. And then we book the trip.

Selecting the right driver at the service

After that, all the necessary information, including the driver’s contact information, will appear on the screen. Here they can already be used to coordinate the various details. By the way, there are no other ways to view your cell phone number on BlaBlaCar. And all the advice about how to find out the cherished numbers, bypassing the rules of the service is a trivial scam.

So even if you come across material that tells you how to contact a cab driver bypassing the above service, you should not trust it. After all, in the pursuit of short-term gain can get into the hands of fraudsters, giving them confidential information. And then wonder where the money went from the card, or fend off calls from collectors.

And what to do if all the seats on the trip you like are taken?

If it turns out that in the chosen direction, all seats are occupied, then proceed as follows. You need to add the page to bookmarks and periodically monitor the status of the trip. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to change their plans. So someone can abandon the planned itinerary.

By the way, if all the seats are occupied, it is impossible to find the driver or the contact information of the passengers. Because they simply will not be displayed. In this case, looking for them on the BlaBlaCar site makes no sense.

In lieu of a conclusion

Now every traveler knows about how to call a cab driver in Blah Blah Cara. Of course, someone will decide to cheat by cancelling a booked trip right after getting a much-needed room. It is technically possible. But then there is no guarantee that the person will be able to get on the selected flight.

After all, drivers may simply not take it with them. Because they work by the rules of BlaBlaCar and are unlikely to want to violate anything, as it would deprive them of income.

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